The Touchline discussion forum has been updated and improved. 

**Note - Your e-mail address will never be divulged to other members of the discussion unless you give permission for it to be shown on your posts during your registration for the new discussion forum.  If you keep your e-mail address private and enter an alias for your username you can still remain anonymous to the members of the discussion while you are a known person to the website administrators.

  • The new Touchline is where all posts will occur.  The new software is much more powerful than the old setup and offers many new advantages I'm sure you will find helpful as you begin to utilize it.
  • The new Touchline will no longer allow 'anonymous' posts.  To post you must register, registration requires a valid e-mail address.  During the registration process you must give a username and password, all other information is optional.  MAPLE will always have access to your e-mail address and will keep it on record.  Recorded e-mail addresses will only be used to reply to posts that you make.  You may still read others posts without registering.
  • Make sure the e-mail address you give is current and YOURS.  Your password will be mailed to that address and without the password you will not be able to post or reply to messages.
  • When you enter the software using the link below you will find that the messages are now organized into forums and topics.  Please keep your postings relevant to the forum and topic you are in.  Off topic posts may be moved or deleted without your consent.


Enter the Touchline Forums

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