MYSA State Cup 2001 Roster Form

To all MAPLE Clubs,

                The link below will bring you to the State Cup Roster in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.  Please follow the instructions below from John Burrill regarding the Roster Form and how to fill it out.  This form is interactive and you can fill it in, save it, and print it directly from the web.  Simply click on the field on the form you need to fill out and type in your information.  After that, save it to your local computer and print it.  That's all there is to it.

Jody Yellope
MAPLE Webmaster

Instructions From John Burrill:

1.  Please indicate that no entry is required in the Registration #  column  
- Massachusetts is the only state that does not use this item.

2.  Remind folks to print out or at least copy onto BLUE PAPER  - no idea why
 but ours is not to ask sometimes

Link to MYSA State Cup Roster 2001

This file may open in your browser or in Acrobat itself, depending on your browser type and version.  It will take a little while to download if you are on a modem as it is about 160k in size.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader it is available here: