Maple Fall Fee

The fall fee is $450 per team. The balance for each team ($200) is due September 1st.

Changes in Passcard Procedure

Beginning this fall, the Maple office will make passcards for all the Maple teams, including those who will be declaring for State Cups. Rosters and passcards should be sent to the Maple office at 194 Maple Street, Sherborn, MA 01770. Please note the following changes from previous years:

1. Stickers will no longer be put on cards. Please make sure that you fill in the season (Fall/Spring) and date (2000-01) at the bottom of the membership card.

I understand that SoccerTrac does not provide for that many characters in these blanks, so you can abbreviate them as "F/S" and "2000-1" if that makes it easier.

2. Cards will no longer be laminated by the office. It is your responsibility to have the cards laminated before your first game.

3. Coaches will use the same cards as players. All coaches will have to make new cards this year. They should be designated as "Coach" either on the top under "Membership Card" or in the birth date slot.

The Maple office will be closed from August 1-24th. If you need passcards for tournaments before the start of the season MYSA will make them for you. Please mark clearly on the outside of the envelope that they are for a tournament.

MYSA would like to have all affiliation material and passcards by August 20th.

MYSA will be moving to their new headquarters from July 19-25 and the office will be closed. Their new address will be 2444 Old Union Turnpike Road, Lancaster 01523.

When you send your passcards please do the following:

  1. Rosters must be typed in alphabetical order.
  2. Passcards must be typed, detached from the blue membership card, and put in alphabetical order.
  3. Signatures must be in cursive and match the front of the card and the roster exactly.
  4. Pictures must be attached to the passcard (no staples please)
  5. Birth certificates do not need to be submitted with the rosters.