This may prove helpful when using Soccer Trak

Dear Kathy –
I put together the attached description of how to use SoccerTrak to modify the Passcard printouts so that they can be used for the full year. I hope that it is descriptive enough for you and others to follow.

Use of this method depends, of course, on whether or not the abbreviations such as 00/01 for YEAR and F/S for Fall & Spring SEASON are acceptable to you and to MYSA. Please let me know if you have a problem with them or have another suggestion.

Bruce Kiefer
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SoccerTrak - Creation of Membership Cards

In order to generate membership cards that will be valid for the entire registration year, it is required to modify the YEAR and SEASON information which is printed on each card. In the past, these normally were printed as "1999" and "Fall", for example, then a sticker was used to re-validate the card for the next (spring) season. SoccerTrak can also create cards that will be applicable to the whole year.

At the initial SoccerTrak screen, select the "Options" button, which is also used to change the current season information. In the Options screen, select the "Pass Card" Tab. That tab contains two fields – "Year" and "Seas" – which contain the information printed on the Membership Cards in the appropriate locations. The default values for these fields are the current registration year and the current season. Changing the entries to "00/01" and "F/S", for example, will result in these being printed on the Membership Card. Note that the length of the entries for these two fields is limited to five characters, therefore requiring some abbreviated entries as shown.

Linda & Bruce Kiefer