Massachusetts Premier League

The following information applies to the U-11 tournament, Promotion/Relegation games, and the U-16 playdowns.


All teams must check-in hour before game time, dressed and ready to play. You must have a roster with uniform numbers on it and birth certificates with you. Check at the tent for any changes in field assignments.


Any protest must be filed in writing, accompanied by a non-refundable $150 fee in cash, within hour of the end of the game. If at the end of the game you are considering a protest, it is your obligation to notify the coach of the opposing team of this possibility, so that his team does not leave the field complex. If a protest is upheld, scheduling of the replay will be at the complete discretion of the Commission member at the field. No objection to a replay time will be heard for any reason whatever. Judgment calls by the referee may not be protested.

Schedule & Directions

Please refer to the schedule grid for game times. Field assignments will be made at the tent. Directions to Smith & Wesson fields are in the Maple Book. There is no parking allowed on the access roads. No pets are allowed on the grounds.

Tiebreak Rules

If teams are tied on points, then aggregate goals will decide the winner. If still tied, then sudden death overtime to a maximum of two regulation overtime periods will be played immediately after the second game. If these fail to produce a winner, then penalty kicks will decide the winner.

Promotion/Relegation Games - Division 2 v MAPLE D

Some game times have been changed. Please check the grids carefully.

Saturday, June 10

BU16 match will be at 9:00 on Field 4

  Field 4 Field 5 Field 6 Field 7
11:00   G17 B17 G15
1:00 G16 A-D B15 G16 B-C G14
3:00 G13 B13 G12 B12

Sunday, June 11

  Field 1 Field 2   Field 3 Field 4 Field 5 Field 6
12:00 G14 B14 9:00 G16 A-C G16 B-D    
2:00   G13 10:45 G15 G17 B17  
      12:30     B15 B16
      2:15 G16 A-B G12 G16 C-D  
      3:45 B13 B12    

B14 will be played Monday evening at 6:30 at a field to be determined

Boys 16 - Three team round robin for two spots

Saturday, 6/3 Juventus will play Northeast

Saturday, 6/10 Northeast will play South Coast Crusaders

Sunday, 6/11 Juventus will play South Coast Crusaders

Girls 16 - Four team round robin for two spots

A- KICS C- Force

B- Southeastern - Costa D- Southeastern - Lewis