Fall Play, U15-17

The MAPLE League will be offering Fall play on a trial basis this year for age groups U15-17. This division is primarily designed for the U15 player who either is not playing high school soccer, or who wishes to supplement his school play. However, U16 & U17 players are permitted to register in order to supplement rosters. Teams will be sectionalized by age and/or the previous spring’s standings if enough teams register.

There is no requirement that a team play in the fall, and no teams will lose a spring placement spot for failure to do so. Likewise, parts of current teams may combine to form a team for the fall. Placement on a roster for fall play in these age groups does not constitute a commitment on the player’s part to the team for the spring. Likewise, a club is not committed to any player for the spring who might play for them in the fall.

Passcards are not required for the age group. The players must be registered with MYSA and a team roster will be required for the games.

If you are interested, the team should be entered on the fall registration form. If not enough teams apply to form a viable group your deposit will be refunded.