Message from the Webmaster:

     The MAPLE guestbook has been permanently taken offline as a result of the misuse of the page over the last several weeks.  The incidents, which began with the innocent bragging of several members of a few teams, and culminated in the porographic grafitti that was present on the page the last two days, demonstrated the need for a more controlled system of online posting.

    If you came to this link to post, please visit our online forum, called the Touchline, and post your guestbook entries there, in the forum entitled "Guestbook".  The Touchline does require you to register to post to the board, however, this is the only way we can have a manner of control over the information that is posted.

   I would like to thank those of you who contributed positively to the guestbook over the last few years.  I would also like to congratulate those of you who ruined it by once again proving that parents have the responsibility to supervise their children's online activities until they are mature enough to act responsibly.

Jody Yellope
MAPLE Webmaster

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