Charlie Calcagni
Director Web Site
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                                Name:                               Charlie Calcagni
                                Occupation:                      President
                                Company:                         Calcagni's Inc.

                                Current Soccer history:    
                                                                    MAPLE Commissioner, Web Site Director
                                                                    President Tri-Valley United Soccer Club, TVU.
                                                                    MYSA "D" License Coordinator for Metro West Courses
                                                                    Coach U17 Boys, TVU MAPLE
                                                                    Coach U6 youth, Milford/Hopedale Youth Soccer Association
                                                                    Referee 1987-Present

                                Past Soccer History:          
                                                                    Began Soccer in 1983 as coach U12 Boys for
                                                                    Milford/Hopedale Youth Soccer Association.
                                                                    Coached U5 to U19 Girls and Boys
                                                                    Past office holder and past President Milford/Hopedale Youth
                                                                    Soccer Association
                                                                    "G", "F", "E" MYSA Coaches license Coordinator for
                                                                    M/HYSA attended by over 300 local coaches.